Get Healthy in 2020

New year, big plans.

Here at The Daily Prep Co, our theme for 2020 is wellness. Can you really give a year a theme? Absolutely!

Our team starts the first week of each year by reflecting on our personal values and
brainstorming a set of resolutions that we can all agree to commit to. Each resolution needs to meet two criteria: must be achievable and must make our lives better. We post our resolutions on our goal wall in our headquarters to keep us on track.

Team Goals for 2020.

  1. Eat more fruit & veg. Our skin will glow, our gut will smile, our brain will speed-up, and our energy will sky-rocket. We know the benefits are endless, but we will have fruit and veg with every meal and every snack simply because it makes us feel good.
  2. Real food. We want to recognize every ingredient that we eat, because we know that’s the best way to fuel our bodies.
  3. Be prepared. We will stock our fridge and freezers with real, nutrient dense foods that are quick and easy to prepare. So, when cravings hit, we are ready and able to stick to our goals.
  4. Get moving. Nothing feels better than a good sweat. And doing it regularly makes us stronger and healthier, so we can focus on resolution # 5.
  5. Live and love. This is what we do it for. So, we have the energy, time, and health to spend with the people we love, and live our lives to the fullest!

How do we keep the momentum going throughout the year?

Our team values our resolutions enough to make them a priority. We hold quarterly wellness days where we slow down, take a break, and do a calming activity together (think: yoga, meditation, spa, etc). We share our personal struggles and successes with the resolutions thus far. It’s a great time to bond, grow, and recharge. We highly recommend you do something similar with your colleagues or loved ones. It’ll bring you closer to each other and to your goals!

It’s a team effort. We’re all in this together and we hope you’ll join us!

Have a smooth day!







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