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About Us

Two Sisters. Two Cities. One Challenge.

Juggling work lives, social lives, families, fitness, and travel is not easy. We are two sisters living in Dubai and Toronto. Although we live on opposite sides of the globe, we share the same daily challenge: there is never time for food prep! We could make time of course, but let’s be honest – who wants to give up girls’ night, yoga class, or sleep – to plan, wash, chop, and cook? Not us. But we also don’t want to sacrifice our health. So, we took a leap of faith and created The Daily Prep Co – to fill a need in our lives and hopefully yours.

Real food for real life.
Xo Pree & Puj



Whole, natural, nutrient-dense foods is what our bodies were designed to eat. Our goal is to help you eat food just as nature intended. Nothing artificial here!


We worked with expert nutritionists to ensure that each smoothie includes the perfect balance of nutrients to energize and keep you full and satisfied until your next meal.


Good for me and yummy? Yes, please! We work with gourmet culinary specialists to ensure the most mouth-watering, crave-worthy smoothies ever.


We know that you want to eat well, but we know your busy lifestyle makes it hard. Let us plan, buy, wash, chop and pre-portion for you!


Freeze-in Nutrients

Studies show that fresh food in the fridge gets less nutritious day by day. Freezing fruits and veggies at peak freshness locks-in key vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants at optimum levels. Frozen produce does the body good!

Peak Ripeness, Peak Flavour

In our world, flavour is king. We ensure that all of our ingredients are flash-frozen at maximum ripeness to conserve that oh-so-juicy farm fresh taste you love.

War on Food Waste

Have you ever watched your fresh produce start to go limp and discoloured in the fridge And then felt the overwhelming guilt that follows as you throw it in the trash? We’ve all been there. Clear your conscience and help the environment as you fill your freezer! .